DE-EINDER - HORIZON PROJECT - PART 1 cut along the dotted line

Fougax and Barrineuf (near Montsegúr, France.)

The dotted line that brings back the idea of cutting is present in both projects. This cutting line separates finite and infinite, material and immaterial, here and there, natural and artificial…
In the first area, on Gorges de la Frau path, near Montségur (France), I have drawn the cutting line on the mountain’s rock to create an artificial and symbolic opening in a natural area.
In the second area, in Stoop Bank, near Dordrecht (Netherlands), I have used the idea of cutting but on human beings to extract horizons dictated by thought and feeling.

HORIZON 0: Gorges de la Frau. I’m looking for the horizon. I can’t see it. This space is very enclosed. My reaction: to cut out a piece of mountain to reach it.
HORIZON: It’s not only a line in the landscape. It also represents illusions, dreams, ambitions… the perspectives of life.
TO CUT OUT: I decide to create an image that reflects this idea and that gives the mental possibility to open a panoramic window to imagine which horizon is hidden behind. From this pursuit results a series of drawings called “Pre-cut horizons”.
POSTCARD: The picture shows a piece of mountain rock, vertical and vertiginous, taken on the path of Gorges de la Frau. I complete that landscape adding a dotted rectangle and little scissors, which encourage to cut out a piece of mountain.
ACTION – 30 July 2004 –
The action takes place at the beginning of Gorges de la Frau path, next to Fougax and Barrineuf, where quite a lot of people walk and cross the area.
I give them a postcard that becomes more than a souvenir of their walk, it is an invitation to open their own window, their own horizon.